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Real Sports LLC

Coaching the Youth to Reach Their Dreams

Leaders Show the Way, Teams Play as One

It’s all about developing the right leadership values and creating the teamwork necessary to face challenges and buck the odds. At Real Sports, LLC in Litchfield Park, Arizona, you will learn and develop abilities and skills useful for situations you may encounter on and off the playing field.


Our coaches encourage athletes to set short-and long-term goals. This is in line with nurturing each team member’s ability to fulfill and enjoy the athletic experience. We make young athletes work on drills, team interaction, as well as court and field strategies.

Team Clinics and Coaching

As trainers, coaches, and mentors, we believe that every player wants and deserves to get better. This is why we expose each one to actual training environments where they can learn everything about court leadership and team dynamics firsthand.

Student-athletes may sign up for 3-day clinics or 7- or 10-day training camps. These clinics and camps are the best way for players to demonstrate the commitment to build on and improve their game.

Through repetition and drills, we emphasize the fundamentals of sports. These activities bring players together to fully understand the idea of teamwork as a vital element to effective playing. These programs are designed by Real Sports, LLC to support coaches in player development.

Be Trained by Certified Coaches

Real Sports, LLC has a team of certified coaches. Each coach undergoes stringent background checks and has to pass our training program before getting hired by our company. We train young athletes participating in the following sports:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Track and Field
  • Volleyball

Get Started

To schedule a one-on-one session with one of our coaches, get in touch with us. You can also buy sports products available in the camps and clinics by sending us an email or giving us a call.

Enroll in our training programs. We have exciting events lined up throughout the year.

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